Murray Cox

Murray Cox is a photojournalist from Sydney, Australia – currently living in New York City.

He is working on a long term project to document Food Justice in Central Brooklyn.

In August, 2012, his work on food security in Venezuela was exhibited in his first solo show «Cooperativa Aracal» at the Venezuelan Consulate in Manhattan, New York.

He studied at the Australian Center for Photography, and has been published in ReVista: the Harvard Review of Latin America, and Australia’s Green Left Weekly.

He is also behind the project Inside Airbnb.

Proyectos en los que Murray Cox ha colaborado

Taller de ciencia participativa sobre el Efecto Airbnb en Valencia

Rol: Data scrapper

Del 1 al 3 de marzo de 2019. Espacio Las Naves, Valencia.2019

Cartel Taller Efecto Airbnb Valencia

El efecto de Airbnb en Donostia - San Sebastián

Rol: Data scrapper

Un taller para analizar el efecto de la presencia de alojamientos de Airbnb en Donostia. 3-5 de abril de 2017 en Hirikilabs.2017